oliverOliver Macawile was born in the Philippines. He made this website to share with everyone the wisdom he learned from his respected mentor and father Mr. Francisco R. Baguiz.

Mr. Francisco R. Baguiz was the minister and founder of the Apocalypse International Ministry Inc. (AIM Inc.). This organization is located in Gingoog City, Philippines.

The purpose of this website is to enlighten everyone that the seven plagues of God are happening nowadays.  Everybody should be prepared and find the true salvation.

The salvation of God is similar to the days of Noah. We must find the right person and right place; who will instruct and teach us how to achieve the true salvation.

This website is only one of its kind because it explains both scriptures and reality. I hope this website will serve as an instrument to share all the wisdom I’ve learned.

Apocalypse International Ministry (AIM), Inc. teaches two (2) knowledge of God. These are the open (ECCLESIASTICAL) and the hidden (ESOTERIC). They are so important especially among the believers in God because without them the truth shall not be totally understood and thereby the people may not be aware of the global events to come.

Let AIM Inc. (Apocalypse International Ministry Incorporated) introduces everyone to the future. It has a very unique mission which must be known by everyone. Its mission deals on salvation from these SEVEN PLAGUES. The Holy Bible is very specific that those that will be saved and inherit everlasting life are accompanied with signs as shown in MARK 16:16-18. It says: “WHOEVER BELIEVES AND IS BAPTIZED WILL BE SAVED; WHOEVER DOES NOT BELIEVE WILL BE CONDEMNED. BELIEVERS WILL BE GIVEN THE POWER TO PERFORM MIRACLES; THEY WILL DRIVE OUT DEMONS IN MY NAME; THEY WILL SPEAK IN STRANGE TONGUES; IF THEY PICK UP SNAKES OR DRINK ANY POISON, THEY WILL NOT BE HARMED; THEY WILL PLACE THEIR HANDS ON SICK PEOPLE, AND THESE WILL GET WELL”.

This particular Bible verse is not given attention by Christian believers. Why? It is because the accompanying signs are not in them or with them. The members of Apocalypse International Ministry, Incorporated, despite their few in number, already have these signs. They can ably do or perform all those in the new name of God which have been given them already (REVELATION 3:12). It is God’s name mentioned in REVELATION 7:3 and REVELATION 14:1 which will be God’s seal on the forehead of whoever shall be saved even before the taking place of the disastrous or dreadful events. They also have their own new songs which only they who knew and understood (REVELATION 14:3).

Additionally, they have also received baptism with the Holy Spirit and Fire (MATTHEW 3:11-12) which, accordingly, if one is not baptized through such manner he/ she will be burned with fire that never goes out.

In LUKE 12:32, a SMALL FLOCK is mentioned to whom the Lord God is pleased to give the kingdom. The signs about the second (2nd) coming of Christ are already at hand. That is why the SMALL FLOCK is already prepared to receive God’s kingdom as promised them.

Apocalypse International Ministry, Inc. begun its mission in April 2007 only but it is the only Christian religious sect that preaches the Good News through its unique way. It preaches not only the Good News in all-words but also the true essence of the scripture in the Holy Bible. It is comparatively a small group but it is above its weight in carrying out its aims to capture the awareness and understanding of everyone about the perilous, nerve-tickling, dreadful and very scareful events to come—SEVEN PLAGUES or SEVEN WRATHS OF GOD.

The author is in grateful acknowledgment to his family (Dad, Mom, Dar, Gladys Mae and Neiko), all his friends, all the members of AIM Inc. and above all –  our Infinite God; who helped make this site possible.


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